James Watkinson Bsc: Founder of Route 1 Health and Fitness, Head trainer

The Founder and as he puts it the “chubby to champ” James is a personal trainer with a decades experience in the industry.

James can relate to the struggles of many having battled with his own weight and health issues, ultimately conquering them to eventually become a Natural Mens Physique Champion.

Done making use of his “Route 1” mentality, and abandoning any fad diets or gimmicks. He knows that to achieve the best results, all a person needs is to know the “how and the why” when it comes to workouts and nutrition and then to follow through with a stubborn consistency until you achieve the goals you have set.

This is why Route 1 endeavours to treat each member as an individual, your programmes are made with YOU in mind. each workout is specific to you and your goal, and each nutrition structure is designed specifically to YOUR body.

His promise to you, is that if you’re prepared to put in the “hard yards” as he says you WILL achieve results!


Nathan Barnes Msc: Co-Head Trainer

Nathan initially started out with sports coaching aspirations in mind, culminating in a degree gained at the University of Sunderland, this was followed by a diploma in sports management and a masters degree in strength and conditioning gained at Leeds Beckett University.

As well as working in a gym and prescribing programmes, Nathan studied further and became qualified in Lower back rehabilitation and cardiac rehabilitation, as well as becoming a personal trainer and acting strength & conditioning coach for the Keighley Cougars Women’s team, being a member of the UKSCA.

His previous experience include working as a strength and conditioning coach for Bradford City AFC’s youth academy and strength and conditioning consultant for AFC Bingley, as well as working directly with Bradford Council in exercise referral schemes and strategies.

His pastimes include all things sports/ training and reading, as well as anything training related/ personal development.