Importance of structure

Your body is an intelligent machine and will adapt over time to certain changes you make, be they sleep patterns,workouts and diet; however if you are inconsistent with the stimulus that you give your body the results naturally will be inconsistent, FACT! An example of this 'inconsistency' could be where someone eats well 5-6 times per day for 3 days & trains every day; then has 3 days of two meals per day and trains once; then has 3 days of junk food & doesn't train at all; this inconsistent approach will bring disappointment long term if your goal is to change your body composition.

If your goal is to gain weight or lose it; the approach has to be structured, maintained and consistent, so that your body learns to adapt because it's beginning to realise you are making it do things on a regular basis so it thinks to itself "oh I better adapt and change a bit now else i won't be able to keep up!".

For weight gain the calorie input must be greater than output and for weight loss it’s the reverse. Everyone's bodies are different and adapt often in different ways; if you don't see results within 1-2 weeks do not be discouraged, if you keep at it, remains focused and determined I promise you, your body will adapt, begin to change and once you see your results this will psyche you up and encourage you to continue!

With regards to training, progressive overload (consistently increasing the weight/reps so your body is always struggling to complete the set) will win the race long term if your goal is to change your body composition. People who go to the gym and do the same weights/ reps at the same intensity rarely see improvement and will notice their body may struggle to change.

With progressive overload and a good nutrition plan will see far greater results!!

This can be furthered even more by making use of periodization (where you may increase weight for a couple of weeks, then drop the weight for a week, but greatly increase the reps, then return to a further increased weight), this approach has been proven to accelerate progressive overload! but requires a stable structure and consistent training to really have an effect.

Take a step back and think to yourself... “What is my goal and what do I need to do to achieve it?” If you feel like you've come up against a dead end, with your health and fitness goals, it's probable that your nutrition and or training plan is a bit lacking in structure, and consistency.

It's been said a thousand times in the fitness industry but it's too true- it's a marathon not a sprint... Consistency, hard work and determination will bring you progression & the results you've always wanted. Its ONE WAY ONLY, ROUTE 1