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The Problem With Joe Wicks

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to talk about a mild source of frustration I have at the moment, and that is this guy


Some of you may recognise him, and for those that don't, this is Joe wicks “the body coach”, the guy responsible for recipe book series like “lean in 15”

So what’s my problem with this guy?

Well it's a comes down to a couple key things really. His recipe books ignore the essential fundamentals of nutrition.

Don't get me wrong I've looked through some of the recipes and they sound great And I've even attempted some and yes they were great tasting,  but this is what sets us up for the big fall!

NONE of his recipes have any nutritional information on them.

Yes the ingredients are pretty good and clean for the most part, and the recipes taste nice, but nowhere does his book list the calorie content of the meals? The fat, protein or carb content…

These are the bare essentials to know when It comes to achieving your body goals. (so much for being a body coach ey Joe)

Obviously a fitness professionals like myself is educated, on the topic and so when I cook a meal I'm very aware of how much I can have calorie wise and macro wise (macros being proteins carbs and fats) and I can tailor these recipes to my needs, but the average person out there may not?

Eating healthy foods is great, but trust me eating too much healthy food is still going to be stored as fat, and not eating enough will lead to other health complications. Calories are calories and consuming more than you use will gain weight, and using more than you consume will lose it. A fundamental truth, and it is completely absent in his books

A simple fix would be to simply add that info to the recipe, and then you the consumer would have that info to know if you need more or less from your meals.

Nutritional education is vital in getting the results you want! Most people who get results from Joe wicks recipes do so because it is a vast change to how they were eating before, but to ensure you get the best possible you need to know how much you should be eating. The guess work should be taken away from you.

I'm frustrated because he is a classic case of cash before the consumer… I mean honestly… if he is promoting uncle bens microwave rice, I can't really take him seriously!

However i do understand WHY he hasn’t or neglects to give you this information. If he doesn't inform you of how to structure your own recipes and diets, then you may not need to continue buying his books. However that is a flawed logic, plenty of recipes books exist out there that contain healthy meals. He could still put forward tasty meal ideas and provide you with info that you need to ensure you get the best results

This man lost a lot what remained of his credibility, as he is famous for saying he doesnt “beleive in calorie counting” (im sorry but calorie counting doesnt care about beleif, its a thermogenic fact joe),

joe wicks calories.png

but later on in a twitter post stated that to lose weight you must be in a deficit, which contradicts everything he has stated

Thanks for bearing with my rant